Between 07.30 et 10.00 Hrs (lounge- terrace)

Enjoy the healthy, tasty, extensive breakfast. (A large variety of freshly-baked bread, butter, fruits, granola, cheese, eggs, yoghurt,….)

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Soup of the day                                                                        €5

Warm fish dish                                                                       €25

Cold fish dish                                                                           €25

Beef stew of the house                                                          €25

Spaghetti of the house                                                            €15

Cheese croquettes (2 pieces)                                                  €20

Cheese croquettes (3 pieces)                                                  €25

Shrimp croquettes (2 pièces)                                                  €20

Shrimp croquettes (3 pièces)                                                  €25

Salad of the day                                                                         €25

Cheese board apero                                                                 €20

Cheese board diner                                                                 €15/p.p.

Tapas board apero                                                                    €20

Tapas board diner                                                                  €15/p.p.